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Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein

Schwarzbach 19

5360 St. Wolfgang

Tel. +43 (0)6138 20101



Tel. +43 6138 20101

World of Mountains

„One could spend here a whole life. Nevertheless diversity would never end.”

Breathe the healthy air at the mountains surrounding Lake Wolfgangsee

Our little 4-Star-Hotel is located at the lake at the foot of the mountains. You can enjoy the the unique nature side of the region Salzkammergut, gather new strength and experience a vacation for all senses. You will forget how exhausting climbing was, when you enjoy the beautiful view and panorama across the idyllic lake scenery.

Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein - Schafbergbahn


Mit der traditionsreichen Zahnradbahn kommen Sie idyllisch und bequem auf den 1.783m hohen Schafberg.


2Cable car

Bequem lassen sich die schönsten Berge rund um den Wolfgangsee per Zahnradbahn, Seilbahn oder Straße erklimmen. Auf geht´s!

Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein - Bergwelt


Vom Hotel aus haben Sie eine optimale Ausganglage für Wanderungen und Spaziergänge in die unmittelbare Umgebung – zur Haustür hinaus, hinein in die Natur des Wolfgangsees – das ist Urlaub im Hotel Bürglstein!

Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein - Bergwelt


Klettersteigfans können am östlichen Ende des Wolfgangsees, in Strobl, am einfachen Klettersteig beim Kleefeld und am anspruchsvollen Postalmklamm Klettersteig ihr Hobby ausüben.


Idyllisch und bequem nach oben

Schafberg cable car

  • The traditional cogwheel railway allows every visitor to conquer the 1783, high summit of the Schafberg in comfort and style
  • Opening hours: from April to October daily 9.15am to 4pm
  • The steepest cogwheel railway in Austria was built in 1893 and takes visitors up to the top of the Schafberg since then. It takes the train 35 minutes to conquer 1.190m altitude difference and 5,85 km to the summit. The 6 historic, coal-fired steam locos are one of the oldest locos in the world. But also with the modern steam-locomotives the trip up to the Schafberg will be unforgettable.
  • The Schafberg is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the region Salzkammergut and at its top you can enjoy almost a 360° panorama over the glimmering lakes like Wolfgangsee, Irrsee, Mondsee, Fuschlsee and more. Around the region you will be delighted by the magnificent alpine world from the Höllengebirge and the Dachstein to the Watzmann.

Opening hours

  • April – October
  • daily from 9:15 am to 4 pm

Zwölferhorn cable railway – St. Gilgen

  • Enjoy the limitless view of one of the most beautiful panorama mountains in the region Salzkammergut –  the Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen
  • Opening hours: all year (except November), daily from 9.15am to 4pm/5pm/6pm dependent on the season
  • A hiking paradise for the Young and Old! You will be overwhelmed by the nostalgic feeling when you get on board of the historic cable car and its low speed makes you feel like you ascending in between the Wolfgangsee and the Fuschlsee. You will find a lot of hiking opportunities on top of the mountain, like the Illingeralm tour with a special theme- track. All kinds of huts invite you to have a rest and enjoy the regional delicacies.

Opening hours

  • all year round (except November)
  • daily from 9:15 am to 4/5/6 pm

Katrin cable car – Bad Ischl

  • Rise up to the top of the beautiful mountains of the Salzkammergut.
  • Opening hours: from May to November, daily from 9am to 5pm every half hour
  • Follow the track of the Emperor of Austria into the protected nature hiking paradise!
  • It’s the start of the 7-lakes-tour or for the very impressive 3 Summit-tour via Katrin, Elferkogel and Hainzen. If you like action go on to the via ferrata and treat yourself with some fine food at the inn on top of the mountain or in one of the huts.

Opening hours

  • May – November
  • daily from 9 am to 5 pm
  • every half and full hour

Hiking tours and walks around Lake Wolfgangsee

You have the best conditions for a hiking trip or a walk in the nearest surrounding of our hotel. Out of the door – into the nature of the Lake Wolfgangsee. That’s holiday at the Bürglstein.

Round the local mountain – Bürglstein panorama tour

  • Beautiful hiking track alongside the Bürgl promenade with a great view to
    St. Wolfgang
  • Around the mountain Bürglstein – right from the hotel in the direction to St. Wolfgang, turn left after the soccer ground – follow the track to the Bürglstein
  • At the beginning you follow long boardwalks, on the northside through the forest, at the end you follow the street back to the hotel.
  • It takes you about 1 hour to walk

Lake Schwarzensee and around the lake

  • Schwarzensee – turn left from the hotel in the direction to the Mostbauer. Follow the hiking track 28 via the Sattelweg to the Schwarzensee. Dark mountainlake, former hideaway for poacher in the Salzkammergut area. If you like you can go round the lake and take the Almweg or the Wirersteig back to the hotel.
  • The tour takes you about 2 hours – Hiking track

Bürglstein Panoramaweg

  • time: 1 hour
  • walk (every weather)

Schwarzensee & Umrundung

  • time: 2 hours
  • walking or hiking


  • time: 2,5 hours
  • hiking

Sommerau – Vormauer – Mönichsee – Himmelspforte – Schafberg

  • time:  4,5 hours
  • hiking

Spazierweg Aschau nach St. Wolfgang

  • time:  45 minutes
  • walking

Hiking in the surrounding area

On the old pilgrimage path to the Falkenstein

  • A romantic walk on easy tracks – you have to be careful if you go off-track. Attention when it’s raining!
  • From St. Gilgen to St. Wolfgang
    You start at the church in St. Gilgen across the Streicherplatz to the right along the Mondseer Straße to the lake Wolfgangsee. After the marking 28 you’ll reach the district Brunnwinkel. From there, turn to your right and follow the track along the lakeshore promenade to the inn Fürberg. Follow the lakeside until the street parts into two branches: To the right you can follow a loop road to the Wedding cross and to the oxen cross, a little chapel placed at a small rocky island.
  • To your left you follow the way of the cross which leads you to the Falkenstein church (mark 28). There is a turn-off right in front of the lower chapel. This track leads you to the high-lying Scheffelblick and from there back to the wider Falkenstein track. Follow this way along rocky mountain saddle and you will reach to more chapel. You will pass a waterfall and a wayside shrine and get to the district Ried. Along the quayside to your left via the Riedstraße to the pilgrimage church in St. Wolfgang.
  • Legend relates that Saint Wolfgang lived as anchorite at the vertical wall of the Falkenstein, at the foot of the Schafberg. He threw the axe to located the building ground for the church of St. Wolfgang. The axe landed exactly where the church is built now.
  • St. Wolfgang was in the Middle Ages one of the most important destininations for pilgrims in Europe, next to Rome and Santiago de Compostela. Most of the pilgrims came across the Falkenstein. You can find a lot of religious and heathen relicts on the way of the pilgrims.You have the chance to take a rest in St. Gilgen and in St. Wolgang and at the inn Fürberg
  • It takes you about 4 hours to take the tour.
  • Difference in altitude: 492m, difficult track

The Purtschellersteig to the Schafberg

  • You climb up to the top of the mountain Schafberg via the Auerriesenweg and the Purtschellersteig.
  • The tour starts at the inn Weißer Bär in St. Wolfgang, up to the Kalvarienberg, further along the track No. 25, passed the Aubauer along the forest road and the Dittelbach to the Mönichsee. Keep left and follow the Purtschellersteig to the top of the Schafberg up to 1783m.
  • It takes you about 4 hours
  • Difference in altitude:  1230m, difficult track

Bleckwand via Leitnerbauer and Bleckwandl

  • This tour is ideal for hikers with peak experience
  • You start at the information point in Abersee, passed the Leitnerbauer Steig 876 to the turn-off of the loop road 15. Follow the steep track 876 to the Bleckwandl. Follow the track to the Bleckwand hut and up to the back of the mountain. Passed the Ofenloch to the summit cross at the Bleckwand up at 1541m.
  • It takes you about 2,3 hours
  • Difference in altitude: about 942m, moderately difficult track


  • Hiking trip up to the Laimeralm with a fantastic view over Strobl and the Wolfgangsee.
  • You start at the castle Schloss Strobl, today’s Alpenmoorbad, to the left under the underpass and then to your right passed the wayside cross and the farm Langerbauern. Turn to the left at the Weberhäusl to the north to the Unterau bridge, follow the Laimeralm street to the Laimeralm.
  • It takes you about 1,15 hours
  • Difference in altitude: about 240m

Wanderung über die Falkensteinwand

  • time: 4 hours
  • elevation: c492 m,
  • difficult hike
  • Shopping Point: in St. Gilgen und St. Wolfgang

Purtschellersteig to Schafberg

  • time: 4 hours
  • elevation: 1230 m,
  • difficult hike

Bleckend via Leitnerbauer and Bleckwandl

  • time: 2-3 hours
  • elevation: 492 m,
  • difficult hike
  • hike with summit experience


  • time: 1,2 hours
  • elevation: 240 m,
  • fantastic view of Lake Wolfgang


Fans of Climbing can pursue their hobby at the east end of the lake Wolfgangsee in Strobl, there’s an easy track at the Kleefeld and at the Postalm via ferrata. You can find a lot of crags, via ferrata, climbing tours and many more in the nearest surrounding area.
The Alpinist association Klettergarten at the Plombergsteig in St. Gilgen offers tours for beginners and for climber, who aren’t very experienced at the sport. But also difficult tours around the mountains on the Wolfgangsee are popular with climbers.

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Postalm

Fixed rope tours

Klettersteig Postalmklamm
level C und D, time in total: 4,5 hours

level B, time in total: 7 hours

Rinnkogel, gesicherter Steig
level A, time in total: 6 hours

Sparber, gesicherter Steig, level A, time in total: 4,5 hours

Schafberg – Purtschellersteig
level A, time (nur Aufstieg): 3,5 hours

Schafberg – Himmelpfortensteig
level A, time (nur Aufstieg): 3 hours

level A und C, time in total: 1 hours

Climbing crags

1320m, Level 1-2

1275m, SE-crest “Zwergengrat”, level 3-4

1828m, level 2

1589m, level 1-2

830m, “Juniperus”,  level 4+, 180m

1420m, South Mountain face “Tiefblick”,  level 5+, 80m

Climbing halls

Climbing hall Kleefeld

Climbing hall Plombergstein

Klettergebiet Bürglstein

Sportklettergebiet Plombergstein

High ropes courses