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Summer at Lake Wolfgangsee

Breathe in – breathe out, breathe in – breathe out. This is summer at Lake Wolfgangsee

Fascinating world of mountains and crystal clear water are the ingredients for the best holiday ever

Enjoy the summer at crystal clear lake Wolfgangsee – is there anything more beautiful? Especially Lake Wolfgangsee offers you variety of options to enjoy the wonderful summer time. Be active around the Lake, experience the mountains or relax – venture yourself to jump into the lake.

Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein - Wandern rund um den Wolfgangsee

1Running & Nordic Walking

Running at the Wolfgangsee is a long tradition, not only at the international running event “Rund um den Wolfgangsee” (All around the Wolfgangsee) but all over the year.

Hotel & Restaurant Bürglstein - Radfahren rund um den Wolfgangsee


Not only at the Wolfgangsee but at the whole region Salzkammergut with its variety of lakes offers one of the best places for a tour on your bike.

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Aktiv im Urlaub


The region Salzkammergut offers a lot of various golf courses for the guests. Because of the central location of the lake Wolfgangsee all of the courses are within reach of a few minutes drive.

Hotel und Restaurant Bürglstein am Wolfgangsee


Freiheit pur – das ist Motorradfahren im Salzkammergut. Hier begegnen sich See- und Bergwelt, verbunden durch lauschige Wege und Straßen, die durch eine der schönsten Regionen Österreichs führen.

Bürglstein Packages

Our feel-well-packages for carefree holiday

Laufparadies Wolfgangsee

Running at the Wolfgangsee is a long tradition, not only at the international running event “Rund um den Wolfgangsee” (All around the Wolfgangsee) but all over the year. Nowhere else you can enjoy running more than in the beautiful surrounding of the Wolfgangsee and the Salzkammergut. Running opens up body and mind.

Around the local mountain – The Bürglstein panorama tour

  • Beautiful tour along the lake
  • Around the Buerglstein. From the hotel in the direction to St.Wolfgang, turn left after the soccer ground and follow the marked way to the mountain
  • A great hiking and running track leads along the Bürglpromade with a beautiful view over the lake and St. Wolfgang. You start your tour on wooden tracks, which leads you around the rock. Parts of the track are directly at the lakeside. On the northside the tour takes you through the forest and then back to the road to the hotel
  • Distance: about 5,1 kilometers

Lake track and railway embankment track

  • The “Seerundweg Natur und Kultur” and the “Blinklingmoos“ are very appealing parts of the lake and the embankment track.
  • You start at the Adeg market – Theo Lingen Platz. Follow the “Seeweg”, pass the Felmayrbad, along the small track at the lake, through the nature protected area “Blinklingmoos” to the bathing area Wasswiese. From there further to the Pilznerbauer and the landing stage for ships at Gschwendt. Along the former rail trail to the Zinkenbach. From there back to the Pilznerbauer, follow the rail trail and pass the watchtower and the soccer field, back to the starting point.
  • Distance: 8,5 kilometers

Strobl-Aigen route

  • A tour around the divers nature, along forests, grassland, streets and through villages along the river Ischler Ache
  • Start at the inn “Zur Wacht” to your right follow the forest road to the “Asenhütte”. Downhill to Hoferriedl and further through the forest to Gallriedl. First you follow the forest road to the Gallbachweg. Then turn to your right to the inn “Rosenstuberl” across the Weißenbach, along the Vocknerweg to Strobl. Turn right at the church to the Wirerstraße along the Wolfgangseer Landstraße (country road), along the “Römerweg”, through the “Hölzl” to the “Koglermühle”. Follow the road to the Weißenbachbrücke and along the river track of the river Ischler Ache back to the inn “Zur Wacht” where a delicious snack is awaiting you.

Bürglstein Panoramaweg

  • distance 1,5 km

Seeweg und Bahndammweg

  • distance ca. 8,5 km

Seeweg und Bahndammweg

  • distance ca. 1,5 km

Running events and Running seminars

The Wolfgangsee is most popular with runners, therefore it comes as no surprise that we have several running events along the lake.

International Wolfgangsee run “Around the Lake Wolfgangsee”

  • The Wolfgangsee run is Austria’s biggest countryside and adventure run with more than 3.000 runners, a lot of fun is waiting for you. Most parts of the route are directly along the lake and offer everything a runner needs. Four different competitions offer the best running distance for each and everyone.
  • Beginners can take the 5,2 km panorama run (Start in Strobl). For the eleventh time you can run along the lakeside between Gschwendt and St.Wolfgang. The arrival to the starting position will be made by ship (the fee is included in the entry fee)
  • The classical run at the Wolfgangsee is the 27 km lake tour. With parts of the tour across the Falkenstein (difference in altitude 220m) and along the lake in Abersee and Fürberg, this insider tip evolved to the typical Wolfgangsee run.
  • The Salzkammergut marathon with the typical 42, 195 km distance expands the range of running tours. The start takes place at the “Kaiserstadt” Bad Ischl and enters the 27 km long Wolfgangsee tour after a 15 km “warming-up” run. Runners agree: “42,195 km firm kilometers – an enjoyment run extraordinaire with much more potential”
  • The Wolfgangsee run came second at a survey of the running magazine RunUp! Right behind the famous Vienna City Marathon.
  • Date: Middle of October

Schafberg run  – man versus cogwheel railway

  • A race against the Schafbergbahn. After the successful Comeback of the Schafberg run, some runners will take the challenge again and try to conquer the Schafberg this year
  • They have to surmount a gradient up to 26% and a difference in altitude of 1.240m. It is one of the hardest mountain runs in Austria.
  • Date: End of May

Wolfgangsee Challenge

  • The triathlon weekend at the Wolfgangsee. A cross triathlon meets the classical triathlon. Take the challenge
  • The Wolfgangsee Challenge runs, rides and swims into the next round! A cross triathlon and a classical triathlon at the most beautiful arena in Austria – The region around the Wolfgangsee
  • Date: At the beginning of September

Running seminar at the lake

  • You will learn at the lake how to move right and to run in the right direction. The important thing isn’t how far or how fast you run but that you feel comfortable at running.
  • You will learn more aspects about running at “Natural Motion” – what does the shoulder, the pelvic, the head? Can I organize my body so I can run easier and more efficient? The seminar shows you in coherent and playful manner the experience of the famous running coach Heinz Bédé-Kraut, how more awareness for running let you achieve an effortless running style. That’s when running is fun!

International Wolfgangsee run

  • Date: Middle of October

Schafberg run

  • Date: End of May

Wolfgangsee Challenge

  • Date: September

Seminar program

  • Individual running video analysis
  • Biomechanics and physics of a natural running movement
  • Practice to get a better running feeling and a better self-perception
  • Training for various running techniques
  • Basics of the training theory
  • Easier to move – Indoor practice

Biking & Mountainbiking

Not only at the Wolfgangsee but at the whole region Salzkammergut with its variety of lakes offers one of the best places for a tour on your bike. Mountains and the lake – it is the composition of the landscape, which makes the Salzkammergut attractive. It doesn’t matter if you like mountainbiking, racing bike or just being on the way with the bicycle – everyone will find the right track!

The Salzkammergut cycle track – trough the land of 76 lakes

  • The Salzkammergut cycle track connects the most famous lakes aournd the region and guids you through beautiful and picturesque villages and cities. The route is arranged in two loops and you have to expect small gradients but you can also choose the train or the ship for some of these parts of the route.
  • This track is the straight tip for culture vultures. It will lead you to the famous cities in the Salzkammergut. The best start for the tour is St. Wolfgang, the first stop from there will be Bad Ischl, the summer residence of the Emperor Kaiser Franz Josef. The route will lead you to the South, via Bad Goisern to the UNESCO world cultural heritage city Hallstatt. You should take time to visit the “Mann im Salz” (Man in the salt) – the oldest salt mine in the world.
  • Distance: 345 kilometers – 184 kilometers of these in Upper Austria
  • Track: Parts with heavy traffic are marked. Before and after Unterach
  • Difference in altitude: 1850m
  • Suitable for families if you use the alternatives (like train and ship)
  • Signage: R2 (as part of the Upper Austrian biking and hiking track concept)

Salzkammergut cycle track

  • dinstance: 345 km
  • Höhenunterschied: 1850 m

Bicycle Racing Region Salzkammergut

Racing bike region SalzburgerLand – Salzkammergut was initiated in 2010 and connecte the 6 top racing bike destinations Mondsee, Attersee, Fuschlsee, Wolfgangsee, Salzburger Seenland (Salzburg lakeside), Eugendorf and some of the surrounding villages of Salzburg.

The racing bike region stretches from Salzburg to the Salzkammergut and from the northern Part of the Salzburger Seenland (Salzburger lakeside) to the Dachstein region. Numerous advised tours at differents levels will guide you throught eh beauty of this region and offers you a mixture of lakes and the mountainside.

Bad Goisern – Strobl with the racing bike

  • A beautiful and easy racing track from Bad Goisern to the Wolfgangsee, via the Kaiserstadt (Emperor’s city) Bad Ischl
  • You start at the hotel Agathawirt, along the country road B145 to Bad Ischl. You drive through the city and from there you follow the country road B 158 for a short time until you reach Pfandl. Turn right at the traffic light to the “Alte Wolfgangseestraße” (old Wolfgangsee road) L546. Follow the road to Strobl via Wirling and Radau. The road B158 leads you back to your starting point at Bad Goisern.
  • Time: about 2 hours
  • Distance: 45 kilometers
  • Difference in altitude: 200m

With the racing bike across the Postalm

  • Discover the Postalm with your racing bike
  • You start at the sports center in Gosau along the country road B166, pass Rußbach in the direction to Abtenau. Turn right at the store “Baustoffe Poitinger” in the direction to Voglau. At the Postalm the road ascends stready on a distance of 11 kilometers. The following part of the route to Strobl is more comfortable, the road B158 leads you to Bad Ischl, via Bad Goisern back to your starting point.
  • Time: about 3,5 hours
  • Distance: 90 kilometers
  • Difference in altitude: 1000m

Bad Goisern – Strobl

  • time: ca. 2 Stunden
  • distance: ca. 45 Kilometer
  • hight difference: 200m

Across the Postalm

  • time: ca. 3,5 Stunden
  • distance: 90 Kilometer
  • hight difference: 1000m

Bike rentals

There are a lot of bike rentals around the lake. They offer you a great assortment of bikes, from E-Bike and City-Bike to Mountain bikes.
To discover the Wolfgangsee and the region Salzkammergut with the bike is the best way to enjoy the beautiful nature and culture here. So done’t hesitate, rent a bike and off you go! Have fun!

Travel agency Pro Travel – St. Wolfgang

  • Bike rental & biking tours with GPS, Rental of sport equipment, Nordic Walking sticks and more
  • Markt 152 – 5360 St. Wolfgang
  • Phone:+43 6138 2525 / Fax:+43 6138 3054
  • Mail: protravel@st-wolfgang.at

Sport Girbl – Strobl

  • Sport shop with bike rental
  • Bahnstraße 300 – 5360 Strobl
  • Phone: +43 6137 7484 /Fax: +4
  • Mail: girbl.sport@aon.at

Golf around Lake Wolfgangsee

The region Salzkammergut offers a lot of various golf courses for the guests. Because of the central location of the lake Wolfgangsee all of the courses are within reach of a few minutes drive.

Golfer are aware of the enthusiasm, which pulls them back on the course. The success in the game, the fascination of a unique course is what makes this sport attractive for the player.

The “best golfing school in Austria” Golfzentrum Franz Laimer teaches you techniques and everything you need for a good game.

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Golfen im Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut Golfclub

  • Emperial golfing in the Salzkammergut, golfing as experience in balance with the nature.
  • The golf club Salzkammergut, founded in 1933 is one of the oldest clubs in Austria and lies in the middle of the beautiful nature between the Kaiserstadt Bad Ischl and St. Wolfgang, the home of the famous hotel “Weisses Rössl”. You can expect a wonderful view into the region as well as a challenging and diversified game. Not fashionable, not snobby – but unbelievably endearing. The “Ischler courses” have the best reputation outside of the region as well.
  • Golf cars are provided and have a look around the famous Pro-Shop of Hannes Hettegger, with its first-class assortment.
  • Competitions with world class players, like Severiano Ballesteros, Mark McNulty, Gordon Brand, were conducive to the popularity of the club and the golf sport in our region.
  • The two-time winner of the Masters, Jose Maria OLAZABAL spent two days at the golf course in May 2002 and presented high-class golf to the audience.
  • The big Driving Range, with bunker and Chipping areas invites you to play a game. The Professionals of the club teaches the beginners individually supported with modern computer and video technologies.
  • You can reserve your starting time or Flight at the office. The clubhouse offers modern dressing rooms and sanitary facilities. Treat yourself with fine food at the Golf restaurant, where you have a beautiful view over the region.

Opening hours

Motorcycling around Lake Wolfgangsee

We welcome individual motorcyclists as well as motorcycle groups in our house and are happy to assist you in planning day tours in the beautiful Salzkammergut.

Ride along countless lakes, enjoy views and high altitudes and stop in between at one of the traditional inns to taste culinary delicacies of the region. Of course you can park your two-wheelers free of charge in our underground garage – so they are safe and dry for the duration of your stay! We will be happy to put together an individual offer for you – individual, modern, comfortable – that’s a biker vacation at Bürglstein!

We look forward to seeing you – Your Bürglstein Team

Six-Lake-Tour (ca. 285 km)

Information about the Tour

Road Book: Schladming – Trautenfels – Bad Mitterndorf – Bad Aussee – Obertraun – Bad Goisern – Bad Ischl – Ebensee – Steinbach – Mondsee – Sankt Gilgen – Strobl – Abtenau – Annaberg – Filzmoos – Schladming (ca. 285 km).

  • Annaberg: Enchanting location in the quiet Lammertal. A completely different world, where the time run’s different to relax and enjoy the nature.
  • Bad Ischl: The scent of bygone eras wafts through the alleys of this pretty spa town – the Zauner confectionery in Pfarrgasse was already frequented by operetta composer Franz Lehar. Zauner is one of the leading confectioners in Austria. You should try the Stollen and the Kugelhupf.
  • Wolfgangsee: Because of its high water quality, the most famous of Salzburg’s lakes is considered a reference water in the EU. How many movies, TV movies and operettas about the lake and the hotel Zum weißen Rössl have been shown is uncertain. But they are certainly the main reason for the unbroken popularity of Lake Wolfgang.
  • Mondsee: Absolutely worth a visit is the magnificent basilica of Mondsee, the parish church of St. Michael. The former Benedictine church shines with magnificent baroque furnishings.
  • Attersee: The secluded and tranquil body of water was an artists’ colony during the Belle Epoque.
  • Traunsee: Austria’s deepest lake at 191 meters is fed by the Traun River. Ort Castle is located on a small island near Gmund. It was the setting for the television series “Schlosshotel Orth” for 144 episodes between 1996 and 2004.
  • Etappe Strobl – Abtenau: A zigzag course over the hilly Postalm. Lots of driving fun, grippy road surface, mostly little traffic.

Five-Lake-Tour (320 km)

Informationen zur Tour

Road Book: Annaberg – Pass Gschütt – Hallstätter See – Bad Goisern – Bad Ischl – Attersee – Mondsee – Wolfgangsee – Fuschlsee – Hof bei Salzburg – Hallein – Sankt Koloman – Golling – Pichl – Strobl – St. Wolfgang – Bad Ischl – Annaberg (ca. 320 km).

  • Annaberg: Enchanting location in the quiet Lammertal. A completely different world, where the time run’s different to relax and enjoy the nature.
  • Pass Gschütt: 964 m, the route between Abtenau and Bad Goisern pleases with beautiful curves and quiet routing.
  • Wolfgangsee: Because of its high water quality it is considered a reference water in the EU.
  • Mondsee: In 1864 pile dwellings from the Neolithic Age were discovered here.
  • Attersee: Was an artists’ colony during the Belle Epoque.
  • Fuschlsee: Clean water, charming castle.

Ten-Lake-Tour at Salzkammergut (296 km)

Informationen zur Tour

Road Book: Mondsee – Irrsee – Strasswalchen – Neumarkt am Wallersee – Mattsee – Grabensee – Seeham am Obertrumer See – Seekirchen – Schwaighofen – Fuschl am See – St. Gilgen am Wolfgangssee – Strobl – Postalm (Maut!) – Abtenau – Pass Gschütt – Gosau – Hallstatt–Obertraun –Bad Aussee – Bad Goisern – Bad Ischl – Weißenbach am Attersee – Mondsee.

  • Rich in lakes, rich in views, winding and rich in alpine pastures – that’s what the Salzkammergut is world famous for.
  • Our tour tip takes you first past the Irrsee, the lovely lakes north of Salzburg.
  • From Strasswalchen onwards, you can enjoy the unobstructed view “into” the mountains – freedom for the biker’s soul. If you feel like it, you can take a short detour from Obertrum up to the Kaiserbuche – a particularly well-known vantage point.
  • Via Eugendorf our connoisseur tour leads back into the mountains – in the direction of Strobl am Wolfgangsee.
  • There begins the ascent to the extensive alpine region of the Postalm. The very winding toll road – one of the most famous motorcycle roads in the region – marks the highest point of our day tour at your saddle at a good 1,300 meters.
  • After Lake Hallstatt begins through the Ausseerland the “journey home”; past the southern shore of Lake Attersee – back to Lake Mondsee


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