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Tel. +43 6138 20101

Maybe the best Time of the Year

Winter-Wonderland Wolfgangsee

That means having fun in the snow and on the slopes around the mountains

Both ski areas – Postalm and Zwölferhorn – are situated in the surrounding and offer a variety of winter activities especially for families with kids and beginners. Who loves snow will love the winter time at lake Wolfgangsee.

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Winterwunderland am Wolfgangsee

1Skiing & Snowboarding

The ski resorts at the our region Salzkammergut offer courses and tracks for everyone, for beginners as well as for professionals!

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Winterwunderland am Wolfgangsee

2Cross-country skiing

Wer sich lieber gemächlich durch die winterliche Landschaft bewegt, ist auf Skiern bestens aufgehoben. Ein gut ausgebautes Netz von Loipen führt über verschiedene Schwierigkeitsgrade durch das winterliche Salzkammergut.

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Winterwunderland am Wolfgangsee


Rodelspaß oder Schlittengaudi, egal wie man es für sich nennen möchte. Am Wolfgangsee und im Salzkammergut sind bei den vielen Möglichkeiten abenteuerliche Abfahrten garantiert, sofern die Schneelage es zulässt.

Bürglstein Packages

Listen to the silence – our feeling-well package bookable during Advent

Skiing & Snowboarding

Auf die Piste – fertig – los! Die Skigebiete des Salzkammergutes bieten sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Profi-Fahrer die richtige Piste!

Ski Resort Postalm Arena – the family ski resort in the area between Abtenau und Strobl

  • Visit the second largest high plateau in Europe! Enjoy the biggest contiguous pasture area in Austria
  • They offer a wide range of sport and leisure activities. Get enchanted by the alpine winter paradise and the magic of the mountain huts.
  • The ski resort Postalm arena is absolutely secure from avalanches and the tracks are adequate especially for families and beginners (neophytes at skiing). With its cross-country trail network this area turns into a worthwhile destination for winter sports enthusiasts.
  • The Postalm active-center offers a lot of activities in the snow for all guests and for families:
    • Guided tours with snowshoes
    • Touring & trekking
    • Snowbike workshops & trial lessons
    • Cross-country skiing & Nordic cruising workshops
    • Tubing, Slidding & Tobboganing

Aktiv Center Postalm arena 

  • The region is the perfect fit for motivation programs for groups, firms or event agencies.
  • Snowshoe touring
    Every step a pleasure for your body and your mind… Snowshoe touring in the quiet winterland of the Postalm area is a refreshing –off piste experience for every winter sports enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you are in good physical condition or if you’re not so in shape, everyone enjoys snowshoe touring with its simplicity but also with its individuality.
  • GPS Tours
    GPS is a satellite-based electronic Navigation system available worldwide. A GPS device allows you to determine your exact location at any given time. We compiled various tours through the Postalm restort for you, which you can easily enter in mobile GPS devices. Than you can easily follow the route and you can tour around the Postalm arena.
  • Snowbike – Fun on the piste
    You’ll get a taste of the bike techniqcs. It’s easier than you think and you don’t need any knowledge about skiing for riding a Snowbike. The Bike is a further development of the ski bob and was brought to perfection by the Austrian company Brenter in the last few years. With a little practice you can enjoy great carving and deep powder downhill runs.
  • Winter bow obstacle course – archery in the winter- how cool!
    For ‘winterproofed’ archers we built an obstacle course. Tramp through the snow and enjoy the quiet and peace of this beautiful winter land.
  • Biathlon trial lessons
    Test your accuracy and shoot with original biathlon weaponry. Find the right pulse and rhythm for the biathlon-shooting. We teach you breathing & shooting techniques for you to have fun and action with this great sport.
  • Winter survival training & building an igloo
    This course teaches you all skills you need for outdoor survival in the cold season. You will learn simple tricks how to survive and not to freeze in the cold. We will show you how you can protect yourself from bad weather conditions. The typical house for the winter- the igloo is part of it.

Ski resort Zwölferhorn

  • A great experience in every winter. A limitless clear view from the most beautiful mountain in the Salzkammergut, the Zwölferhorn in St. Gilgen.
  • Every day from 9.15am to 4pm the cable car takes you to the top of the Zwölferhorn. A walk through the panorama tour on the top is medicine for your body, mind and soul.
  • With enough natural snow the Zwölferhorn is an insider tip for snowboarders and skiers.
  • Deep powder slopes and a 5 km long prepared piste down to the valley station of the cable car make sure that you have great winter fun.

Ski resort Dachstein West – Gosau, Russbach, Annaberg

  • The Ski Resort Dachstein West will fascinate you. A lot of fun, slopes and special delicacies served by the most cordial hosts in the alps.
  • You will have enough space to have fun with a 142 kilometer long prepared piste and the Dachstein west ticket, with which you can reach every slope.
  • You want MORE than boring highway-ski slopes? You want exciting variety and you want to enjoy life in real quaint huts? Come to the fun slopes at the ski resort Dachstein west!
  • The unique fun-piste in the ski area Dachstein west we guarantee you that skiing stays exciting. Attention: the slopes “Wilde Hilde”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” and “Donnergroll” not only professional skiiers will have great fun, we also offer a lot of challenges for beginners!
  • The Marcel Hirscher slalom-course with time and speed measurement with starting gate, mogul slopes and many more will cheer up every ski fan in the resort!

Freesports Arena Krippenstein

  • Are you ready? For 30 kilometer deep powder! For 11 kilometer long prepared slopes? The Freestports arena Krippenstein in the Salzkammergut in Upper Austria was chosen as Hot-spot for freerides by the SnowPlanet magazine. Great Outdoor alternatives apart from the Mainstream.
  • Days of freedom is the slogan of the freesports arena in Krippenstein – everything is possible
  • Ski and Board, on and off piste, snowshoe touring, Paragliding, Freeride training, Snow camps and a lot more

Ski resort Postalm arena

  • open: December to March
  • reachable by the Postalm toll road

Skigebiet Zwölferhorn

  • open: November – April

Ski school – Skiing  & Snowboarding Courses

You have to options to learn skiing or snowboarding around the Lake.

Ski resort Postalm Arena

Ski resort Zwölferhorn

Ski rental at Lake Wolfgangsee

You can rent adequate equipment for your trip to the mountains. Not only ski are available, but also snowshoes, cross-country ski and ice skates.

  • Skiverleih (nordisch & alpin),Verleih von Sportgeräten wie Rodeln, Schlittschuhe…..
  • Markt 152 – 5360 St. Wolfgang
  • Telefon:+43 6138 2525 / Fax:+43 6138 3054
  • E-Mail: protravel@st-wolfgang.at
  • Skiverleih & Sportgeschäft
  • Bahnstraße 300 – 5360 Strobl
  • Tel.: +43 6137 7484 /Fax: +43 6137 7484-40
  • E-Mail: girbl.sport@aon.at

Cross-country skiing at Lake Wolfgangsee and at the ski resort Postalm

Wolfgangthal ski tracks

  • These tracks are 17 kilometers long and prepared for the classic cross-country skiing as well as for the skating technique.
  • Course of the track:
    From the bus station in Strobl via the bridge Achenbrücke and the road over the river Tiefenbach and the river Schwarzenbach to Mönichsreith. Further to Weinbach and to a longer downhill track to the golf hotel. From the golf hotel a short distance on the road via Radau and Rußbach. From there you follow the route back to Schwarzenbach and Mönichsreith to Strobl again.

Cross-country tour Seeufer (Strobl)

  • The Seeufer cross-country track is 12 kilometers long and is prepared for classical cross-country skiing or for skating.
  • Course of the track:
    You start at the sports arena in Strobl and ski via the preserve area “Blinklingmoos” along the lakeside, cross the country road and go further to the village Gschwendt. From there follow the tour to the inn “Wiesenhof” and back again to Strobl.
  • Difficulty level: easy, adequate for beginners

Weißenbach tour

  • This tour is 4 kilometers long prepared track. Starting from the hotel Alpenmoorbad to the south via the underpass under the road the to the east to Weißenbach in back in a circle.
  • Difficulty level: easy, adequate for beginners

Rußbach tour

  • This tour is 3 kilometers long and prepared for classical cross-country skiing as well as for skating.
  • The tour begins at the bus station in Rußbach and leads via the ground school in Rußbach around various hills back to the starting point.
  • Difficulty level: medium

Mönichsreith tour

  • A 4 kilometers long tour, prepared for classical cross-country skiing.
  • You start at the Raudaschlbauer in Schwazenbach, to the right you cross the river Schwarzenbach to Strobl. From there you are heading to your left and cross the river again. Then go further around the hill Mönchsreither Hügl back to Schwarzenbach.
  • Difficulty level: easy

Lienbach track/Postalm

  • The Liebach track at the Postalm is a 5 kilometers tour, prepared for classical cross-country skiing and skating.
  • The tour starts at the parking lot 1 via the Innerlienbacheralmen and the hut Rosserhütte back to the starting point.
  • Difficulty level: easy to medium

Panorama tour/Postalm

  • A 12 kilometer tour, prepared for classical cross-country skiing as well as for skating.
  • You start next to the parking lot 3 via rolling hills around the area to the hut Huberhütte. From there you follow the tour to the Postalm chapel, via the huts Wieslerhütten.
  • Difficulty level: medium

Thoralm track/Postalm

  • This tour is 2 kilometers long and is prepared for classical cross-country skiing as well as for skating.
  • The Thormalm track starts at the inn Thoralm and enters in the Panorama track.
  • Difficulty level: easy

Wolfgangthal ski tracks

  • time: ca. 2,16 Stunden
  • distance: 17 km
  • best season: middle of winter

Cross-country tour Seeufer (Strobl)

  • time: 60 Minuten
  • distance: 12 km
  • best season: middle of winter

Weißenbach tour

  • time: ca. 0,5 Stunden
  • distance: 4 km
  • best season: middle of winter

Rußbach tour

  • time: 0,24 Stunden
  • distance: 3 km
  • best season: middle of winter

Mönichsreith tour

  • time: 0,32 Stunden
  • distance: 4 Kilometer
  • best season: middle of winter

Lienbach track/Postalm

  • time: 0,4 Stunden
  • distance: 5 km

Panorama tour/Postalm

  • time: 1,36 Stunden
  • distance: 12 km

Thoralm track/Postalm

  • time: 0,16 Stunden
  • distance: 2 km

Ski touring & winter hiking 

You can go on a ski tour at the Postalm as well as on the Mountain Katrin right next to the town Bad Ischl. Since the slopes on the mountain has been closed for skiing, ski touring enthusiasts discovered this mountainside for winter wandering. You enjoy a 4 km long tour and get over 900m of altitude difference

You go uphill from the valley station across the former downhill slope. Halfway through the tour you can decide if you want to follow the slope or if you go left to the alp Katrin Alm. It is recommended to take the tour to the Katrin Alm because with a great amount of fresh snow the tour via the former slope is dangerous through avalanches.

The owner of the hut on the mountain Katrin, Mr. Erwin Lechner, tries to prepare a track for the wanderers but this isn’t an official slope nor a route for a ski tour.
That means there aren’t any safty precautions and you are responsible for yourself.
Our tip: take an LVS-device (Avalanche transceivers), a sensor and a shovel with you. An Opportunity to visit a mountain hut is the alp hut Katrin Almhütte!

Restaurant & Hotel Bürglstein - Winterland am Wolfgangsee

Sledding Fun at Wolfgangsee

Sledding fun at Wolfgangsee and in the Salzkammergut region, adventurous descents are guaranteed with the many options available, as long as the snow conditions allow it.

Sledding at Postalm

  • For those who don’t enjoy skiing, sledding at Postalm offers a great time.
  • The length of the track is approximately 800 meters. You can, of course, also rent a sled, or as they say in Austria, a “Schlitten”!

Naturrodelbahn Weißwand

  • An unforgettable experience and lots of fun for the young and young at heart are guaranteed on the toboggan ride through the snowy landscape down to the valley!
  • You can reach Weißwand by foot in about 30 minutes from St. Gilgen.
    Via the district of Laim, up to the edge of the forest, continuing along the ski slope and following the signs that say “Zur Weißwand,” the somewhat steep ascent towards Weißwand begins. Once you’ve reached the top, you can enjoy a fantastic view of St. Gilgen and the tranquil Wolfgangsee.
  • For refreshment, a stop at an inn is recommended. Be sure to try the homemade local specialties.
  • If you don’t have your own sled, you can rent one for a fee of EUR 2. The sleds are for 2 persons and are collected again by arrangement.
  • Groups are requested to make reservations in advance.
  • The toboggan run is illuminated in the evening. For our young guests, there’s a tobogganing meadow in St. Gilgen (Steinklüftstraße – below Hotel Hollweger).

Sledding Fun at Gasthof Kleefeld in Strobl

  • With a 1.5 km long natural toboggan run illuminated at night, we offer one of the most beautiful sled tracks in the Salzkammergut region. To ensure safe descents at all times, our toboggan run can be artificially snow-covered.
  • The idyllic ascent to Kleefeld through the snowy winter landscape is just as much a part of the sledding experience as the rewarding stop at Gasthof Kleefeld for warming up and socializing!
  • Even if you don’t bring your own sled, nothing stands in the way of your untroubled sledding pleasure! Plenty of rental sleds are available for you.
  • After the ride, simply leave the sled at the end of the track.