World of Lakes

Dive into summer time at Lake Wolfgangsee

Lake Wolfgangsee is one of the most beautiful and warmest lakes in Salzkammergut.
Up to 26° Celsius water temperature you can swim your laps or splash in the crystal clear water.

Angebote rund um den See

Breath in – Breath out – Breath in– Breath out –  these are the world of lakes at Lake Wolfgangsee….

Swimming areas at Lake Wolfgangsee

Our hotel guests have free entrance to the Lake shore Berau at the Lake – only 300m away from our hotel, so it is within walking distance.
It is the most beautiful bay at the lake with a comfortable lawn for sunbathing, with shallow waters, a long pier, with a restaurant and a shop as well as modern sanitary facilities
The perfect place to enjoy every sunny day.
Berau has an extra bathing area for dogs, so they can enjoy the water as well.

Other bathing locations:

  • Nature lake shore Waßwiese Strobl
  • Woodland bathing shore Fürberg
  • Lake shore area Ried

Other bathing areas for dogs:

  • Berau
  • Fürberg
  • Camping Appesbach

Water sports

The crystal clear water of the Wolfgangsee has drinking water quality, a breathtaking view and our professionals in everything concerning water sports, making your sailing or surfing trip unforgettable.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a professional, you can take part in a regatta or just enjoy gliding on the surface of this beautiful lake.
Rent yourself a canoe or a kayak and discover the region in a very unique way. The best starting points are the swimming area the the inn Gamsjaga in Abersee/Gschwendt, in St. Wolfgang at the little public swimming area, where the ferry lands, and in  Stobl at the parking lot next to the “Wehr” – at the source of the river “Ischl”. But generally you can start your trip wherever you can find a direct access to the lake.

Surfen- und Segeln

  • Sport Camp Raudaschl in St. Wolfgang
    • Water ski, tube riding, wakeboarding, banana riding
    • Boat rental, water ski & wakeboarding courses for beginners and advanced. Tube riding, banana riding and SUP (Stand-up paddeling)-Boarding. International boatmaster’s certificate for inland lake and rivers up to 10m
    • Sailing courses ( 3 or 5 days) basic course and A course. Sailing boat rental, day rates
  • Water skiing school Girbl in Strobl
    • Wakeboarding, water ski, Parasailing, tube riding
    • Water skiing courses for beginners and advanced
    • Boat rental
  • Water skiing school Grabner in Strobl
    • Water ski and Wakeboarding, Tube and Banana riding, Parasailing
    • Motorboat rental and Motorboat school
    • Speedboat and taxi boat

Diving at Lake Wolfgangsee

The Wolfgangsee offers best visibility conditions for a dive and very interesting diving areas. Because of the beautiful locations between the mountains, a lot of sports enthusiasts and also people who are looking for relaxation are visiting the lake

  • Franzosenschanze/Parking lot Abersee
    • The area alonge the Wolfgangsee-Bundesstraße (countryroad) between St.Gilgen and Strobl, from km 31,1 to km 39,1 (the bay at the inn Gamsjaga). A long parking space with a lawn for sunbathing directly at the lake shore. A very beautiful diving space, at some places very bold sea ground with rocky structure, sunken trees and more.
    • You could once find a sunken American panzer, which is now recovered. You can find the place where it laid very easily if you follow the trail form the little bridge with the two cement pipes.
  • Bay Fürberg/ Cliff Falkenstein
    • Area between the shipping pier to the north.weest side of the Falkensteinwand. The Fürberg bay is a natural treasure. You can reach the area only along a 300m trail or by boat from St.Gilgen. It is one of the most beautiful but also one of the most challenging diving areas with bold cliffs and sheer overhangs. Closed between 15th of March to 10th of May due to nature protection.
    • You can spot the impressive Falkensteinwand from far away and it is one of the optical landmarks of the region. You can reach the small wall of the rock (via Winkl) by car but from there you have to carry your baggage uphill for a few meters. You can dive at the bay to the right to beautiful rocky cliff. The great wall of the Falkenstein is reachable only by boat. The boat rental Engl in St. Gilgen offers you a transit shuttle to the area.
  • St. Gilgen
    • At Stockach, 20 m in the deep you can find a tree 15m high standing vertical in the lake
  • Strobl
    • The Wolfgangsee is very shallow at Strobl. The flora is moderate but the fish stock/fishing resource is great. Near the steep path Strobl you can find a sidecar-motorcycle a few meters deep in the water.
  • Diving station Wolfgangsee
    • Guided dives, diving courses, diving school
  • General informations/rules/instructions:
    • Sometimes in the winter the lake is frozen. The tourist resorts are concentrated on the northern lakeside. The southern lakeside is untilled, very forested and very steep at places, down to 90 meters under the water.
    • You can catch regional kind of fish: Char, Reinanke, trout, zander, and many more
    • Be careful of liners, sailing boats and surfers!
    • If you should find weapons under sea, DON’T EVER TOUCH THEM and report your discovery immediately. Otherwise you will be highly charged!
    • Attention: You are not allowed to dive from the 15th of September until the 15th of April- Every year between September and April there is a general prohibition for diving at the Franzosenschanze, as well as at most of the points of entry at the parking lots. In St. Wolfgang you are allowed to dive only with a permission.

Fishing at Lake Wolfgangsee

The unique clear and excellent water quality of the lake and the richness of species of fishes make the Wolfgangsee a fishing paradise. The presence of the Perlfisch, an endangered species guarantees the quality of the water. The Wolfgangsee, also called Abersee, is 12,8 km² large and is divided into two lake basins. At St. Wolfgang the lake is only 20m deep. At the Basin at St. Gilgen the lake is 114m deep and is the deepest point of the Wolfgangsee. The smaller basin at Stobl is 5,4 km² large and 67m deep.

© OOE Tourismus Röbl

  • Regional fish species:
    • Char, Reinanke, Tout, Luce, Zander, Eel, and many more. The Perlfisch is a protected species.

The Wolfgangsee is grouped in three different areas

  • First area: the east part
    • St.Wolfgang, Strobl to Gschwendt (to the water mouth of the river Zinkenbach)
  • Second area: the west part
    • Ried to Schwand – from southeast to the water mouth of the river Zinkenbach, in the northeast to the water mouth of the river Dittelbach, in the northwest to the holiday care center, in the southwest to the inn Gamsjaga
  • Third area: upper, northwest part
    • Gasthof Gamsjaga, from the inn, via die upper beginning of the Falkensteinwand to St. Gilgen

Further important informations about Fishing (prices, day ticket/week ticket, fishing regulations) you will find here: Link

  • Other options for fishing:
    • Schwarzensee
    • Fishing in the region Salzkammergut


The bath Felmayerbad in Strobl and the playground in St.Wolfgang/Schwarzenbach are two great places to play beach volleyball

Der KidsConcierge empfiehlt den "Playground 2010" am Berlin-Hauptbahnhof. Geniesst den Sommer in vollen Zügen in der neuen Beachvolleyballanlage.

  • Felmayerbad – Strobl
  • The amusement park with a beachvolleyball place, soccer ground, skate park and playground at St. Wolfgang/SChwarzenbach next to the red cross station. No charge+

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